About Us

We are 4 brothers, who grew up playing golf together in the Pacfic Northwest. THVMP is a way for us to connect with others who, love the game of golf and all the people, adventures, and unique experiences it offers. We are proud to live and operate in the great state of Oregon, the home of so many iconic golf brands, courses, and our friends.

THVMP golf started out in Texas, making handcrafted and handpainted hickory alignment sticks and golf goods, focusing on quality and service. Today, THVMP continues this legacy and we aim (pun intended) to help you find your love and appreciation for this game called golf. 


The Brothers



Oldest of the brothers, went to college for 10 years, still cannot hit a high draw.





The engineer of the bunch, hits bombs but not much more.





Played collegiately for Oregon, beats everyone here on his bad days.




A cadet at the US Air Force Academy and has what Mark and Kevin are still searching for: a hole-in-one.




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