Georgia Spring - Masters Szn 2023

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Using our color-block style, we happy to be introducing Georgia Spring, which is our ode to the “F**k the snow in Oregon”, which we’ve had more snow in the last month than our golfing aspirations care for. Essentially, once the Augusta is on TV, we’re juiced to hit the course.

We made 8 sets, and while these are ready to ship now, our Spring Break vacation means that these won’t ship until 4/4/23. Apologies to those of you who are antsy. Let us know if you have questions (Instagram: thvmpgolf, email:

Alignment Sticks:

  • 100% Hickory Alignment Sticks (pair)
  • 45” Long
  • Hand-painted and Finished
  • Sealed in a matte polyurethane coating
  • Metal end nail