House Stick Stock

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The House Stick Stock (HSS). Welcome to the random collection. Here are some designs that are inspired by special themes and/or just an opportunity to test out some new color schemes.

Note: What you see here is what we have. On sticks with an 'AS-IS' with it's name in the dropdown menu, there will be a subtle quality defect (abnormal wood chip, not straight enough, etc). These sticks are sold 'AS-IS' and are priced accordingly.

  • 100% Hickory Alignment Sticks (pair)
  • 45” Long
  • Hand-painted and Finished
  • Sealed in a clear polyurethane coating, some matte, some gloss
  • Metal end caps


Please allow 7-10 days due to the painting/finishing process. If you have any questions or would like to see more pictures of a particular product, please contact us on Instagram or via email (

Thank you!