THVMP Putter Covers

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We have a few covers, made custom by our buddy at Thistle Leather Goods.

First off, introducing the rest of the signature series putter covers, conceived by reminiscing about the Scotty covers that came with a divot tool. Boy, we weren't fortunate to have one when they came out, but yes, we picked them up in once we could fund our degenerate tendencies.

And yes, truth be told, we don't really want to sell these, and we wouldn't be upset if it didn't sell. We've priced it accordingly. We worked with our buddy at Thistle Leather Goods to bring our idea of replicating the Scotty divot tool swag covers to reality for the THVMP Greenskeeper Divot tools.

There covers ingeniously hide a THVMP Greenskeeper tool on the top so that you'll never have to worry about digging through your bag for a tool.

Included with the cover are the following:

  • Matching Greenskeeper Divot tool

Leather covers are compatible with all THVMP Greenskeeper Divot Tools.

Secondly, we also did canvas covers with Thistle that were sewn using a nice off-white striped canvas. These covers don’t conceal a THVMP Greenskeeper tool, but nonetheless look very clean in any bag.